Thursday, March 03, 2011

High School Music Vid.

Previous Posts from Myspace

So. I was back on Myspace and looking at my blog there. I was going to delete my account on there because I'm really not on there all that much any more (waste of internet space LOL). Then I came across my blog and read through a few. I couldn't delete such great works of art...and they were just funny to read. So, I converted them to this blog with the original title, body (but with a few spelling corrections) and date.  I could change the date of the publication to match the original date but its more fun this way. They are funny to read through and remember the good old days.

Country Western Dance (03/04/09)

Hey, Hey, Hey....

So there i was (Feb 26), typing like a mad person my take home exam at 4 in the morning at the science library here at Brown. I was taking a break, looking through youtube videos, particularly AMV when i came across one of Wolfwood of Trigun tribute. I was kind of in love with him and sad when know (for those that don't know, find out!). It was a good video with a good song, Smoke Rings in the Dark by Gary Allan. I must have listened to it like 7 times right after each other. Then it hit me, just as my eyes started to sting with tears, I wanted to go to a country western dance and dance to that song! wearied. a nice slow dance. yummy. lol. what's even weirder is that i still want to. lol. funny how that works out, something common back home that your not into becomes a drive when you are away. lol.

here is the video that got this all started:

What I Notice (01/29/09)

Hey all. I was talking to someone (i forgot who, sorry person who ever you are) and i came to this realization about the long war between Myspace and Facebook. I think i was trying to explain the difference between them and came up with this simple following:

Facebook is a Coffee Shop
Myspace is a Night Club

so, there you go. simple. they both have their uses, pro/cons, and i like using them.